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At Thomas Tyler Construction, we can add shaded outdoor living space to your home by adding an Awning.


Awning over Deck


From traditional window awnings, patio awnings, door awnings to retractable awnings and high tech exterior solar shades, Thomas Tyler Construction can provide the best quality shade products for your home or business. We specialize in installing high quality retractable awnings, canopy tents for your pool or spa, and awnings for your deck or balcony.


Skin Cancers

Did You Know that an Awning can:

Blocking harmful UV rays can reduce the risk of Skin
Cancer by as much as 94% !


Reduce the indoor temperatures by as much as 15 degrees!


Reduce heat gained from Windows during direct sunlight
by as much as 70% !


Cut Cooling costs by as much as 33% !


Protect furnishings and carpets from fading !


Protect wooden decks from fading and cracking!


Under a Cool Awning


At Thomas Tyler Construction, we offer the following types of Awnings:


      Retractable Awnings


      Retractable Window Awnings


      Retractable Canopies


      Pergola Canopies


      Exterior Solar Shades


      Drop Shades


      Traditional Window and Door Awnings


      Aluminum Awnings



Relaxing under an Awning


Awnings are perfect for the patio, deck, over a hot tub or by the pool.


Awning Closed


Awning can be installed in compact areas so when the awning is closed it is out of sight and protected.


Awning Open


When the awning is open, it provides for shade and protect you from the elements...


This photo shows what your deck looks like with the Awnings closed.


Awning Closed


Ready to entertain or enjoy a quite moment in the shade, your awning is open and ready to protect.

Awning Open


We have many different colors, styles and patterns to complements your home.



Shade for Awning


Does the Sunset or Sunrise blind you? With our awnings with a sun shade, no more squinting at the sun. Sun Shades come in various widths and lengths.


Traditional Aluminum Awnings -At Thomas Tyler Construction, we can install new aluminum awnings over windows and doors. We have a selection of different sizes and colors.



Door Hood


Aristocrat Awnings



Interested in adding an awning to your home...Contact us for a Free
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